When I was taking a walk through the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris I enjoyed seeing groups of green chairs scattered throughout the park.  I liked the arrangement of chairs here because they seemed so casual and friendly, and they were quite comfortable too.  When I look at this picture I notice that the middle chair is between two other chairs.  It is also between the bench and the lawn.  Then I noticed something else.  If you look in the upper left hand corner you will see the Eiffel Tower between some trees.  It looks like Paris in May provides lots of scenes that fit this theme.


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37 thoughts on “Between

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  2. Looks like a lovely place to sit. I see the bench, beautifully placed for a pretty view across the the park. I never pass up a shot of a view from a bench. Benches are put there to encourage you to enjoy the view. I’ve yet to find one facing a blank canvas.
    The chairs give me another picture though, a group of friends, three, four, possibly even five, stop for a rest in this beautiful setting. Some sit on the bench, but two more, instead of using the chairs to enjoy the view, turn them to enjoy the company too. :-)


  3. I adore Tuileries Gardens. The view of the Louvre from the pond is one I have cropped as a header on my blog from time to time. It is such an unexpected green spot in the city — or leafy autumn jewel. Thanks for taking me back there for a moment.


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