On the Move

I’m still doing a lot of traveling in my local area.  Now that it is summer there are lots of outdoor places to see and enjoy.

When it’s time to cool off how about a refreshing pool for relaxing and maybe even taking a little nap…


As the title mentions there is an actual move involved.  I recently moved and have now settled in a house here in Virginia.  These are some of the flowers that are currently in bloom in my yard.



44 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. Beautiful flowers and scenic photos. I love how the shadows add striping to the columns. The lovely tree over the stream would be an ideal setting for me….and the cottage I’d love to own one day. :)


  2. You live in a lovely area! We actually have been having rain in South Texas (in the midst of a 20 year drought) and are surrounded by blossoms and green for the first time in years. The tulip gardens are delightful……….combine that with the stream and you can skip along the path and pretend you are dodging the bicycles in Amsterdam!


    • What a charming idea to picture another place where there are lots of tulips! I’m sure that you’re enjoying the greenery there too – that’s a very long time to have a drought…


  3. What a lovely setting, Meg. One of my best friends just left California and moved to Virginia. I love seeing the colorful flowers you are enjoying, and I have heard Virginia is a beautiful state. I hope you will be very happy in your new home. :-)


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