Unpacking Travel Souvenirs

Since my recent move to a new house I’ve been busy unpacking a lot of boxes.  Although this has been rather overwhelming today I was absolutely delighted to find a box with the intriguing label “travel souvenirs.”  Suddenly I didn’t care how long it might take to unpack everything.  I carefully looked inside to find all kinds of fun souvenirs.  There were postcards, key chains, scarves and jewelry as I sorted things out.  But how to begin – by country, type or just random?  Before I actually started putting things away in different drawers I took the time to get pictures of some of my favorites.  They all have wonderful memories of past trips and I’m looking forward to adding more in the future.

Here is a dish towel from Provence that I will never use!



49 thoughts on “Unpacking Travel Souvenirs

  1. Those are some of the most lovely and fun souvenirs I’ve seen! My daughter absolutely loves cameos and has a small collection of them, so I know she’ll appreciate seeing the picture of yours. Isn’t it fun to rediscover these wonderful treasures?!


  2. I bought a cameo too on my last trip to Italy, in Capri. I try to be careful with my souvenirs – one requirement is it should be something I can wear or use. I love the mug. It must have a story.


  3. I am a hoarder disguised as a “collector.” I love it when I stumble upon boxes of treasures like this. I look through everything and reminisce, then put the box right back so I can re-discover it in the future again.


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