Here and There

It was three years ago this month that I started Meg Travels.  My very first post was about Venice, which has been one of the places I’ve written a lot about ever since!  As I look back I think that there are so many aspects of travel that are part of the overall experience, such as planning, getting lost, finding souvenirs, wondering what to do with the souvenirs when you get home, shopping, and many other details.  I still wonder if it will rain, but I’ve found that a place can be just as beautiful under cloudy or rainy skies.  I just try to keep an umbrella handy – or a poncho.  Either one works fine.

I think that walking is an excellent way to see a place too.  And when possible, stop at a gelato shop for a delicious treat as you walk.  Here are pictures from some of my rainy, sunny, chilly, warm and mostly wonderful travel adventures from over the past three years.  There’s more to come too.


After all, travel is both inspiring and fun!


68 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. Congrats on your three years of blogging, Meg. You’re so right about travel pics not being dependent on good weather. What lovely travel memories you must have. I especially like th pic of the Prince Edward lighthouse. :)


  2. Firstly, congratulations and happy 3 years of blogging :) And secondly, we would agree about walking … that is the best way to explore everything and really soak up the surrounds!
    And lastly, travelling is so inspiring and so fun!! :)
    Love this post!


  3. I agree that walking is the best way to visit any new place. And especially when your feet take you off the beaten path – that’s where the real interest lies! I’ve enjoyed all your posts since I discovered your blog. Thanks for taking us along with you! :)


  4. Congrats on your 3 years Meg – your blog seems so successful that I just imagined you’d been blogging for way longer than that! I’m sure you must be really proud and happy about not only visiting those great places but also for being able to share all the useful tips and lovely photos with the rest of us :)


  5. I’ve just returned from 5 weeks traveling around Europe and you’re right – things do still look beautiful and interesting in the rain. I really enjoy your blog.


  6. What a lovely post and congratulations on your 3 year “blog” anniversary! I’m enjoying reading your posts about all your travel experiences and seeing your beautiful photos – will “visit” again soon. Thanks very much for visiting my blog too and am glad you liked my latest post on Bolzano Bozen. As a new blogger of 2 months it is especially good to get feedback from an experienced blogger like yourself and I appreciate the support and encouragement! Here’s to many more happy travelling adventures kind regards Rosemary (Le Chic En Rose) :)


      • Thank you very much too Meg I’m glad you liked my latest post as well on “Flying In Style”. I love your recent post “Early Morning Walk” – what a beautiful garden! There are so many pretty parts of the world and walking is a great way to see them! I have always loved taking photos, which is partly why I began my blog and now I’ve started it will become a regular part of my life (and an excuse for more travelling not that I need any!). Thanks for sharing your experiences and beautiful photos and I’ll be visiting here often :)


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