Early Morning Walk

I’ve been spending time this summer looking for interesting places to visit here in Virginia.  The other morning I found a garden that is open to the public for a few weeks in the summer.  It had lots of trails and because it was early there were dewdrops on the flowers.  I saw day lilies that were different colors and many other flowers too.  The trails were strewn with pine needles and pine cones and that fresh scent combined with the flowers was very fragrant.  Along the trails were other plants, trees and flats of flowers yet to be planted.  This was a perfect way to start the day.


It was a hazy morning…


32 thoughts on “Early Morning Walk

  1. The “more greenery” is a photo of a variety of bottle gourd. Among Asians the young and tender fruit is a vegetable. I have planted several in our garden. It tastes as sweet as a zuke.


  2. Lots of pretty things in bloom–including crape myrtles. They seem to be everywhere, after hiding away amidst the other trees the rest of the year, inconspicuously.


  3. Beautiful photos, Meg. Love the crape myrtles! I’ve been doing the same thing here in MA…Once a week finding a place to go that I’ve never been…changes your life to “see” your world this way…


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