Travel theme: Edge

When I visited Prince Edward Island I quickly became aware of the cliffs along the shore.  Some of them were steeper than others but I thought that they were rugged, impressive and unforgettable.  There were sidewalks and railings to keep people from walking too close to the edge.  I took my pictures from a safe distance and these are some of my favorite scenes.

Prince Edward Island

You can see the guard rail in the distance.

Prince Edward Island

This was at the end of a dirt road.

Prince Edward Island

There are more examples here.

32 thoughts on “Travel theme: Edge

  1. What wonderful photos Meg – such rugged beauty! I loved reading the Anne Of Green Gables books as a little girl so am very interested to see the scenery on Prince Edward Island! The cliffs are such a beautiful colour too, thanks for sharing :)


  2. Beautiful photos, Meg! I remember visiting P.E.I. in 1967, on a family trip. I don’t remember too much–I saw a production of Anne of Green Gables at a local theater, and on one of those cliff tops, I found a pocketful of Canadian coins. I would love to go back some day.


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