Travel theme: Strong

I was walking down a side street in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, when I saw this gate.  The lock looked sturdy, old, and strong.  Not only was there a lock but also a chain.  I wondered how old it was or if it even worked anymore.  Maybe a large, ornate metal key would open it.


I realized that seeing this lock also had a strong impact on my imagination!

Have a look here for more information.

20 thoughts on “Travel theme: Strong

  1. I love things like that. One the one hand I have to laugh because anyone can jump the fence, lock or no lock, but on the other I love the look of the whole thing. I find that old architecture and antiques with unusual components are amazing keys to creative thinking.


  2. Intriguing and as beautiful as the fence. Reminds me of some of our gated retirement communities; serious technology used to lock the gates yet a determined person could easily climb over the boundary fences.


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