Travel theme: Inviting

There are some places that are so welcoming and friendly that they have become some of my favorite memories of those visits.  When I was growing up my family used to drive to the coast of Maine during the summer to go to the beach.  I had the opportunity to return to one of these beach towns recently and I found the same sense of relaxation and fun that I remembered from the past.  In addition to the ocean there are shops, ice cream stands and summer cottages that make a visitor feel welcome.  Here are some of those inviting scenes.




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33 thoughts on “Travel theme: Inviting

  1. I love Maine. My husband was born and grew up in Bar Harbor area and we go almost every year. I have been to Maine in both winter and summer, and it equally love both seasons. My goal is to visit Maine in the fall because I have seen some amazing photos of Maine scenery. I love your pictures- would you mind sharing what town you were in? Thanks!


  2. Like Sas, I’ve always wanted to visit Maine too. I’d love to spend at least a month there discovering lots of quaint towns and trekking through Acadia. Blue and purple hydrangeas are my favorite flowers, and set against the white house, it’s a perfect cottage-by-the-sea scene.


  3. What a beautiful porch! And I love the ice cream cone. At first I thought that could have been Balboa Island in Newport Beach, SoCal. I love those old signs! I’ve never been to Maine, and I certainly hope to visit one day! :-)


  4. What a beautiful place – real old world charm :) I’ve never been to the States but if I did the eastern seaboard would be high on my list of places to visit it looks so warm and welcoming :)


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