One of my favorite things about traveling is looking for signs while I’m walking.  When they are directional signs they can be very useful because as a visitor I’ve noticed that it isn’t always clear how to get to a place.  I also appreciate signs for food and treats, especially gelato.  When I was in Madrid I thought that the ceramic tile street signs were very decorative.  Later I saw replicas of these signs for sale as souvenirs at gift shops.  There were a variety of signs that I remember from Madrid and here are some of them.

Signs and their reflections can also be seen.


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40 thoughts on “Signs

  1. I love the ceramic tile street signs in Spain as well, although sometimes they are difficult to read until you are up close. (Makes it hard when you are in a car and looking for an address.) They are pretty though.


  2. You know? Sometimes I have trouble with American English signage. I was just helping my husband with his driver license renewal and going through the booklet and looking at the signs I was made very insecure! I’m not sure I’d do well in other countries, but metro seems consistently recognizable! At least I could figure out how to get about by train or bus! Driving..not so sure!


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  7. I live in a state that’s considered to have the worst signage in the country. And it’s true! I have no sense of direction, so signs are really important to me. Ceramic signs sound so nice and look nice too! I’m not too fond of symbols replacing words, though – sometimes I wonder who comes up with these symbols, they mean nothing!


  8. I love signs too and the tiled street one is especially pretty Meg! Thanks very much too for following my blog and liking my latest post on the Swiss languages – I really appreciate the support! I’m loving the wonderful blogs and bloggers I’m getting to know since I started up my WordPress blog. I haven’t yet been to Spain (though my daughter has recently travelled there) so it’s on my wish list and I would love to explore more. I believe Madrid has some wonderful Hapsburg palaces which would be right up my street :) I’d also love anywhere that had signs pointing to gelati!


  9. Great post. The first town I visited in Spain was Ronda and although it was ten years ago I still vividly remember the beautiful tile sign announcing the name of the town… I have to dig that photo out!


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