A Williamsburg Walk

I thought it would be a good time to take another visit to Williamsburg and see how things look at this time of the year.  Since I went there on a weekend there were lots of other people with the same idea.  Starting at the Visitor’s Center I made the short walk to Colonial Williamsburg.  It was a sunny day and quite comfortable being outdoors and walking for several hours.  There are many interesting and unique scenes from the past and it is easy to imagine how it might have looked hundreds of years ago.   These are some of the places I passed on my walk.

Here are more of my favorite places.



Check here for other walks.



43 thoughts on “A Williamsburg Walk

  1. Lovely pix, Meg. When I was working for a British open air museum years ago, Colonial Williamsburg was always held up in the bees knees category of how to historic visitor attractions well. Clearly it still is. And I love all those baskets!


  2. Those baskets remind me of when I was a child in the Philippines before plastic bags became so cheap and started polluting our environment. Every family had a basket then to use for marketing and they used banana leaves to wrap meat, fish, cooked food.


  3. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to visit someday. I know it would be interesting since we live in a 1730’s home…I’m sure I could relate to what I live with on a daily basis.


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  5. Well I came here from Jo’s blog – and I really enjoyed your Williamsburg walk. I live pretty close and I was curious as to what you would share when i saw the link on Jo’s page – and well, I love what you shared – nice variety and short, but sweet. :)



  6. Ah yes, Williamsburg was one of my favorite trips. I love the atmosphere of that old architecture. And when we went to Colonial Williamburg, one of the re-enactors allowed my daughter to play an authentic 18th century harpsichord! It was an unforgettable experience.


  7. What a special place! I just must visit some day. I love the look of all those baskets hanging on the fence! And the garden colors this time of year are really inviting. A lovely place to visit any time of year, I’m sure…Christmas must be lovely, too!


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