In Search of Autumn Leaves

The leaves are just starting to change color in Virginia and this is happening later than I’ve been used to.  Typically by this time the leaves have mostly fallen so I’m really enjoying the change.  Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that just one tree will have a few leaves that are yellow, orange or red.  Everything else is still green.

However it now looks like autumn colors have finally arrived!  It is interesting to see the colors changing and I drove to an orchard in the mountains to pick apples and enjoy some fresh cider, as well as admire the season’s colors.


Autumn has arrived.


More about autumn is here.

36 thoughts on “In Search of Autumn Leaves

  1. I live in Virginia, and you’re right, the colors have been slow to change here, this year. We’ve had some unusually warm weather, which is probably the culprit. No matter, it looks like you picked the right time to capture the beauty of the changing of the colors before winter wipes the trees bare. You’ve chosen some interesting perspectives, too, I see. Thanks for the share. ;)


  2. I love the quality of the light this time of year. As I set out for my morning walk today, the sidewalk was blanketed with golden leaves, and others floated lazily to the ground in the cool, light breeze. All the more precious knowing the snow can come at any time now.


  3. I think I like the just *before* peak part of autumn the best, when there’s still a lot of green to contrast with the fall colors. But all your photos are beautiful!


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