Travel theme: Arches

These pictures of arches are from around the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.  The actual reason that I took some of them was to remind me of which way I entered the plaza so that I wouldn’t get lost!  Many times when I travel I become so interested in seeing everything that I forget to notice which way I walked to get there.  To keep from getting lost I’ll take pictures of street corners, pedestrian signs and unique buildings or landmarks so I can retrace my steps later.  It works quite well and I end up with some interesting pictures of subjects other than the expected ones.  I also took some of these pictures simply because I liked them and they are not just reminders of where I had walked.

This is one of my souvenir pictures from Madrid.



You can find more arches here.

43 thoughts on “Travel theme: Arches

      • Want to chime in with the orples, Meg? Check out the Category ‘Visiting the Neighbors’ on my blog to get an idea of what the orples and I are up to lately. They would love to play in your mud puddle, for sure. Let me know if you’re interested in allowing them to tag along with you on occasion. The two posts ‘Literate for a Day’, and ‘Return Address’ sort of explain what’s happening. The other entries are examples.


  1. I want to go back…………we usually go every April; however, me thinks we are going to opt for a tour through the Greek Islands and then on to Istanbul………..ooooooooo, perhaps the Orient Express to London after! I love the Plaza Mayor and one of our fav restaurants is El Rincon de Madrid right on (under) the Plaza. You got me all excited about Madrid…….now I am HUNGRY


  2. Plaza Mayor is a beautiful square and I couldn’t agree more with food. For a landlocked city the restaurants has excellent selection of seafood. Gambas al ajillo and grilled sardines, yummy! My mouth is watering. Nice arches.


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  4. And here I thought I was alone in photographing street corners and buildings as I wander about in new cities and surroundings. Once I photographed a ferris wheel near a pier thinking I would surely spot it on my return. They dismantled it while I was wandering about town. Momentary panic until I could identify other landmarks in the photo.


  5. Oh, I love Spain and would love to go back. The Plaza Mayor is amazing. I went on a school trip and we had a tour guide so getting lost wasn’t an option…or was it. A small group of us girls somehow missed the double decker bus and got separated. We made it to the plaza but spent most of the night trying to find our group.


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