Welcome to December

Now that it is December I wanted to find out how nearby places are decorated for the holidays.  Recently I went to Williamsburg to get an idea of how someplace set in the past would be decorated.  It was very simple and many of the wreaths and other displays included fruit and flowers.  As I walked I saw all of these traditional scenes.

In addition to Colonial Williamsburg there are other parts of town with shopping areas and they also had charming decorations and displays.  This was the perfect time for a hot chocolate and a leisurely walk!



Even though it’s December there are still brightly colored leaves like these in the late afternoon sun.


49 thoughts on “Welcome to December

  1. One of the things I love about old-time Christmas decorations is the lack of commercialism and tackiness that seems to have become the norm today. There’s a simple sincerity about it that I really embrace. I guess that’s one reason I love quaint small towns so much. :)


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