Travel theme: Sparkle

I was in Barcelona in the spring on a particularly bright day with blue sky showing behind some fluffy clouds.  I took a long walk along La Rambla and ended up by the water.  The Rambla de Mar was ahead and I continued my walk.  There was a sidewalk where I saw a large sign describing the area.  As I looked around there were many rows of boats in the sparkling water.  It seemed to me that the water and the blue sky were exceptionally bright that day.  It was a peaceful scene.




Look here for more sparkle.

45 thoughts on “Travel theme: Sparkle

  1. Beautiful photos Meg. I don’t think of boat harbors when I think of Spain but how silly since they seem to eat so much sea food.

    I have an unrelated question but don’t know who else to ask since you are also on Word press. I have to many stored photos on my blog. I’ve paid for extra storage in the past few years but don’t want to anymore. If I erase the photos from my storage will that also erase the photos on my blog? I’d so appreciate it if you could help me with that conundrum.

    Karen in Honolulu


  2. Stunning Barcelona memories displayed in wonderful photos ! The lined-up sailing boats look great under the cloudy but beautiful sky !!! Happy New Year,dear Meg !!! Hugs, Doda :) xxx


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