I have always enjoyed visiting Venice and one of the reasons is that once I move away from the crowds there are some very peaceful sights to be seen.  I like to go off the main path and when I do I’ve found places like this.

VeniceIt was very quiet except for the sound of a boat passing by.  There were no people around and it was a wonderful experience.

VeniceAs I continued walking a found a scene that combines several of my favorite things – water, a bridge, and fresh, crisp laundry hanging from the windows.  Although I didn’t see anyone it shows that even in Venice people are doing everyday tasks but in an artistic way!

Find more serene pictures here.

37 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. When I was in Venice we took a gondola ride with a singing gondolier. Not exactly serene but I loved every tacky, touristy minute of it and it is a great memory! On our own we got lost and I loved that too. Your photos bring back lovely memories.


  2. It’s hard to imagine finding quite spots in Venice. I haven’t visited but most of the images I have seen to the city have been busy ones. So, it was good to take a tour via your images of peaceful parts.


  3. Wonderful serene photos Meg! I have been to Venice twice a long time ago now and I remember the crowds but your walking tour shows you can find some tranquil spots if you are prepared to wander off a little. It looks very calming and peaceful :)


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