A Winter Walk

This is my second winter in Virginia and there has been a lot of sunshine during the month of January.  I saw a little snow one morning but it was gone by the afternoon.  Since the weather has been so mild I thought that I’d return to Colonial Williamsburg for a winter walk.  I’ve now been there all four seasons and it is a nice place to see in January.  There was even some greenery and I noticed plants growing in a sort of greenhouse.  Most of the people out walking wore light jackets and I was comfortable with my winter coat and a hat.  I started out wearing mittens but I kept taking them off to take pictures until I realized that I didn’t need them after all!

If you’d like to join me on this walk this is what we’ll see:

In a few days it’ll be February and then it will almost be spring!


Here is more about Jo’s Monday Walk.

34 thoughts on “A Winter Walk

  1. Thanks a lot, Meg! :) I love that last photo! Oh, Spring- be still my beating heart! I know what you mean about the gloves. I like fingerless ones when I’m out with the camera, or I end up losing them.


  2. What an idyllic place for a winter walk. Thanks for showcasing this part of the world.You may look forward to Spring and I for Autumn for the same reason. The change in the weather! Very hot where I am at the moment.


  3. Hi Meg, I feel like I owe you an apology since you got cheated out of your rightful spot on our Orples Adventures. I’d set this post up in Early December when I had a little extra time, then banked it until your turn came around. By that time, Christmas was the theme, so I let it lie awhile longer. When I did post in ( … http://orples.net/orples-2/the-orples-visit-auckland-castle-in-bishop-park-in-county-durham-england/ ) I posted it as a mention in the scene I had set up for Jo’s post, since she was next on our list. The post I posted for you was placed in line as to when I set it up. Due to time, I didn’t check into ‘how to change post dates’ … if I can do it at all … Anyway, I thought you might like to check ‘your’ gardening Adventure out, even if we did sorta botch it this time around.


    Today’s wonderful walk reminded me of your recent stroll through Charlottesville.


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog – I’m new to Jo’s Monday Walk so it’s interesting to find other participants. This post is lovely – I’ve visited Colonial Williamsburg, but only in the summer. We’ve had two holidays in Virginia, I really like it.


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