Travel theme: Doorways

I am always looking for interesting doors when I travel.  For this theme I’m focusing on some of the doors that I admired in Orvieto, Italy.  There were so many different types of doors that I decided to take these pictures so I wouldn’t forget them.  Sometimes doors seem to tell a story and with a little imagination that story can become quite dramatic.  As you can see some are simple, some are decorative and I’ve included one that was important to me because it was the door to a gelato shop which is a favorite destination of mine while I’m in Italy!


I also noticed this while I was walking in Orvieto.


To see more doors look here.

52 thoughts on “Travel theme: Doorways

  1. Those are gorgeous doors and so impressive! I could see how any one of them could inspire a story…my mind is already reeling with ideas! I chuckled at the doorway of the gelato shop – but also the most important!! ;)


  2. All the doors are great… I also love to stop and look at doors when I am walking around…. but the doorway to the gelato shop would definitely be my favorite!


  3. I tend to really like doors, too, Meg. I find them interesting to look at, but also always want to see the other side. I haven’t traveled as extensively as you have–that’s an understatement–so my door photo collection is very small. I do enjoy yours. :-)


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