More Travel Adventures Ahead

Since it is the middle of winter I think that now is a good time to look forward to future travel adventures to help get through the cold, snowy days of February.  Even in Virginia there is snow and ice and I can’t wait until it’s spring and time for a visit to Italy in May.  This time I’ll be in northern Italy and going to Lake Como, Milan, and the Cinque Terre, among other places.  Traveling to Italy is something I enjoy so much and the time spent planning is really fun.  I’m going to get travel books and guides from the library and check for information at the local bookstores too.  I also like to read travel blogs that have stories and pictures from Italy.  I’m always interested in learning more since my mother’s family is from Italy and somehow it seems very familiar to me.  I’m also looking forward to discovering new places to find my favorite treat, gelato.  That is something that never disappoints!  It will be wonderful to add to my knowledge of Italy as well as interesting travel experiences and my collection of pictures.  Here are some places in northern Italy that I’ve been and hope to see again.




46 thoughts on “More Travel Adventures Ahead

  1. I, too, love Italy. My first visit there was in 2000 and I toured Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence, Assisi, and Rome. Then in 2003-2004 I spent several months in Assisi. The language, the food, the culture ~ it all resonates beautifully in my soul. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures on your return trip in May!


  2. It’s great to have travels to look forward to. I love Italy too, C inque Terre is just breathtaking. Just so much to see and do in those 5 fishing villages. I have pictures and a post on CT on the travel section of my blog. :)


  3. Italy in May, love it! I am very jealous because it is such a beautiful time to be in Italy however we are planning a trip to Italy this year as well, if all goes to plan we’ll be there in the rainy, cooler month of November :-)


  4. We visited Stresa a few years back, and stayed at a great little hotel, with a perfect view of the water and mountains. Will you be visiting there while in the Lakes region? If so, take a look at Hotel Residence La Luna nel Porto. Super conveniently located, and walk to everything.


  5. Your travel plans are very promising dear Meg!Lake Como is my favourite one and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II,next to the Cathedral ( Duomo di Milano ) are great landmarks in Milan.I suppose May is a lovely month to tour around Italy;the temps are very pleasant and the tourists less …
    Have a brilliant day my friend :) xx

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  6. How exciting Meg! I love the planning side of a holiday too always reading travel books, poring over maps and now I enjoy reading other travel bloggers’ posts too! I’m glad that you could pop by and see my Maggiore post what a coincidence that I should put it up now – I just fancied a change of scene as I’ve done quite a few German and Austrian posts recently. We have also been to Lake Como (6 years ago) and that was beautiful too! May will come round very quickly! I’m looking forward to seeing the posts and photos of your next trip too :)

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