A Snow Day

The snow began to fall during the night and by morning this was the scene in my yard. So just for today my only traveling consists of walking to the back door and seeing this.  I haven’t noticed any birds and the only sound is that of snow sliding off branches to the ground.  I’m not sure how much snow has fallen but I can see it stacked on the post and the bird feeder.  Later on I will probably look at my books about Italy and do some daydreaming, but for now it is enough to be indoors, look at the snowy scene and make plans to go outside this afternoon to shovel the driveway!


Here is the same scene in color and then in black and white.

Next month should bring warmer weather…


34 thoughts on “A Snow Day

  1. So serene ~ We’ve had no snow this year in my part of the world. Not that we have tons, but even higher up the Sierras are lacking. I would LOVE to see some before it’s too late this year. The views from my deck during a snowfall are indescribable. Lucky you!


  2. In my perfect world I would wake up one morning to see snow on my deck and in the trees… but it would still be 70 degrees F (21C) outside and the next day all traces would be gone!

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  3. The photos look so pretty Meg! However I’m guessing it’s not so much fun when you actually have to try and go out so staying at home does seem like the best option! You’ll be so looking forward to your Italian trip and the weather will be warmer there! :)


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