Almost Spring

After some snow and ice earlier this week the sun has reappeared, the weather has gotten warmer and the snow is melting.  I thought that today was perfect for a drive to Williamsburg.  It was warm enough outside that I could carry my coat and even sit on a bench and enjoy the sunshine.  Many people were in shorts and tee shirts so I’m not the only one that thought it seemed like spring.  Although it is still early in March I saw a few flowers in bloom.  I was also looking for scenes that featured the color orange for this week’s theme and I found it in the bricks of the buildings and sidewalks as well as flower pots and other accessories.


It is getting closer and closer to spring…


Here is more about the orange theme.

36 thoughts on “Almost Spring

  1. When the weather is so lovely everything appears different at your eyes. Beautiful pictures and colours. Just come in my new post and visit virtually the historical centre of Monza. Please Meg don’t laugh if I make a lot of mistakes writing in English language. Ciao Bea


  2. We had a lovely sunny day here in London at the weekend so I thought I’d try carrying my coat – turns out it was a little over-optimistic of me (!) but at least the sun was out :


  3. Spring temps have suddenly appeared here in the northeast too – we went from the twenties to the forties and fifties literally overnight! Our deep snow is thawing so fast, the ground can’t absorb it. Nights are still in the thirties, but that’s a fair trade-off in my opinion. ;) I remember our trip to Williamsburg several years ago, BD (Before Daisy) – we loved it there. Great photos!


  4. I love Williamsburg – there’s so much history and character there. I can almost hear the horses clomping just by looking at those bricks and buildings. Happy Spring!


  5. Beautiful orange choice Meg!It shows really very natural on the bricks and the flower pots!Glad to hear you statred feeling the first warm days of the approaching spring! xxx


  6. Love the orange colours- suggests the hopefully smooth transition into Spring! Still bitterly cold in Scotland, and I haven’t seen much orange about- maybe that’s the key!


  7. Spring is afoot here as well. No doubt winter will be back once or twice to remind us who’s boss, but I’ve been out walking wearing actual shoes. It would be nice to wear those shoes while strolling through the markets you showed us.


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