I like to find unusual walls when I travel just as much as I enjoy looking for interesting doors.  I particularly liked this wall that was between a walking path and the water in St Ives.  It had been raining that afternoon and everything looked fresh and green.  I thought that the wildflowers and vines growing in and around the wall were charming.  Later on I realized that I’d taken as many pictures of the wall as I did of the beach.  This shows where it began.

St Ives

Here are some details of the wall.

More walls can be found here.

34 thoughts on “Wall

  1. Stone walls can be so intriguing, especially with wildflowers and vines or when there’s just a certain amount of crumbling. We once came across a partial wall in the middle of the woods; we had such fun speculating about why it was there! I love interesting doors and windows too.


  2. Hi Meg, I’m an avid fan of your blog. This post reminds me of Colmar although I haven’t been there. This reminds me of those house walls/balconies festooned with flowers that exude so many intriguing and historic implications.


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  4. Pingback: Photo Challenge: Wall | The Bohemian Rock Star's "Untitled Project"

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