A Day in Portofino

I’m back from Italy and after unpacking and adjusting (again) to the change in time zones I’ve uploaded my pictures to the computer.  I haven’t reviewed all of them yet but I took over 1700!  For now I thought some pictures of Portofino might be a good place to start.


During the morning it was both windy and rainy and the ferry service to Portofino was called off.  However, there was a shuttle bus from Santa Margherita Ligure and I decided to take that instead.  Later that morning the weather improved dramatically and it ended up being a beautiful day.  By the way, the bus was full of people with backpacks and it was a challenge staying upright as the bus went around all the curves in the road.  I was happy when we arrived and these were my first impressions of Portofino.

It was a perfect time to take a walk, buy a gelato, and then find a bench to simply admire the scenery.  Sometimes I wish days like this didn’t have to end.


43 thoughts on “A Day in Portofino

  1. So beautiful – I love the stone steps, the flowers, the color of the buildings – everything! I’ve been on a bus ride like that in Rome too. It was going to the Vatican and kept stopping to let more people on even though it was already packed full. We didn’t even realize the reason it was so crowded was because the Pope was going to be making an appearance!

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  2. It certainly looks like a day you wouldn’t want to end, Meg :) I’ve never been to Cinque Terres but I would love to! And Portofino certainly looks pretty as a picture. How long were you away in total?

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