A Ferry Ride on Lake Como

I decided to take a ferry on Lake Como to get a different view of the area.  After boarding I found a seat under a canopy so I could be in the shade.  My plan was to take lots of pictures while enjoying the view.  There were several stops along the way, but I stayed on the ferry and ended up back in Como.

Although it was crowded the ferry was quiet except for the sound of the motor.  The scenery kept changing and I could see both sides of the lake.  When the ferry made stops along the way people got off and new people came on board.  Most everyone was taking pictures in my section, especially when there was an outstanding view.  It was an ideal introduction to Lake Como.

Lake Como

44 thoughts on “A Ferry Ride on Lake Como

  1. I love the perspective of the scenery and homes from the boat. I don’t usually like crowded areas, but this area has an open feel to it even though the homes are near each other – I get the image of friendly neighbors enjoying their location. The idea of taking an open, breezy ferry to your destination (as the locals appeared to do) instead of a claustrophobic subway is glorious!! :D

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  2. How beautiful! You really got some great shots. We visited Stresa a few years ago (in the fall, so much colder and less crowds!), and really enjoyed that area. It’s a “go back” for us, so we should put Como on the list. Thanks for an Italy visit for me today…LOL!

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  3. Lovely photos Megan. It isn’t far, but I haven’t made it to Italy yet. There have been several visits to Spain, and I’ve also made it to Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg but I still enjoy focusing on France…

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  4. We had 3 days in Lake Como a few years back Meg and it is high on the wishlist of places to go back to! We stayed in Como City very close to the ferry quay and did a couple of boat trips- one a shorter introduction to the lake and the other a longer one up to Bellagio and Menaggio. Would have loved to go further up the lake to Gravedona and Colico but alas we didn’t have time. I loved the way the scenery became more alpine as you sailed further up the lake towards the Alps – it was breathtakingly beautiful! I’ve loved looking at your photos and reminiscing! Looks like you had a wonderful trip :)


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