Windows and Balconies

I like looking up to see windows and balconies when I’m in Italy, and this last trip was no exception.  Where there are windows there are usually shutters, which I find interesting because they might be open, closed or partially raised.  Balconies often have colorful flower arrangements as well as laundry cheerfully hanging from the railings or attached clotheslines.  In other words, there is a lot to see when you look at windows and balconies!

This picture has many of my favorite elements:  windows, balconies, shutters, flowers and laundry.  Adding to the scene that afternoon was the bright blue sky.


38 thoughts on “Windows and Balconies

  1. Italy is one of those rare places that even these more congested towns with buildings tightly packed are beautiful and interesting. I’ve missed seeing your posts – for some silly reason, WordPress has stopped sending me notifications of all the blogs I follow, and my sieve brain lets me down! It’s good to see your photos again. :)

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  2. Your journey in Italy was outside Milan. You can take such wonderful pictures only in our little town. Very nice. Meg next time you have to spend one week in Elba Island you can’t imagine how many narrow streets you can see and you can also see a lot of beautiful flowers everywhere.. and what about the see. Everything is fantastic. Ciaoo Be a

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