The Search for Souvenirs

Part of the fun of travel is bringing back souvenirs that have memories of where and when they were purchased.  I have lots of postcards and refrigerator magnets but some of my favorite souvenirs are things I can look at such as art prints and calendars.  I also like things I can wear like scarves and bracelets.  When I was in Italy I wanted to find some unique souvenirs, but where should I start?  Wherever I went there were so many choices it was difficult to decide.  As I looked around I saw possibilities like these:

It’s a good idea to stop for some refreshments along the way.


But instead of fruit I decided to stop for a gelato and this photograph is a great souvenir!



22 thoughts on “The Search for Souvenirs

  1. I also bring back things like prints, postcards, jewellery and scarves. I picked up a lovely red and black scarf in Sicily recently. Of course, like you, my pictures are my best souvenirs!

  2. I love anything in foreign packaging — soaps, candies, tissues… all things that aren’t traditionally souvenirs, but a delight to use back home.

    Otherwise, we call the hunt for souvenirs “procuring tchotchkies” and we’ve had some fun doing it!

  3. Gelato is the best!!!! Yummy. I love the pictures of fruit in the market. And my all-time favorite souvenirs are postcards and magnets. I have a collection of both and try to get people to send me postcards, too, rather than me just sending them out to everyone and not receiving any back haha. And I don’t buy postcards for myself either. I only keep the ones I receive. With magnets, I just try to get one in each city I visit. With some of the more off-the-beaten-path places it’s impossible to find them, though. Thanks for posting — good read!

    • I can say that gelato is a favorite souvenir, even if I can’t take it home! I like things like scarves that are easy to pack and bring back memories – planning another trip is also fun… :)

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