Travel Time

After all the planning and daydreaming, it’s almost time for my trip to London.  Passport – check.  Train reservations to Bath – check.  Currency exchange – probably next week.  I just found out that I can use my phone there for a small daily fee and that’s good news.  I’m hoping that there aren’t too many movies I want to watch on the plane so I can attempt to sleep (or at least rest) on the overnight flight.  Sometimes when I get up to walk around on the plane during a transatlantic flight I feel like I’m the only one that is still awake.  Still, it doesn’t stop me from watching another movie.  Once I had the idea of listening to relaxing music to try to doze but that didn’t work either.  Not that it matters – I’m not going to attempt to sleep until it’s evening where I’m going.  I don’t want to miss anything!

I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite places and looking for future favorites too.  It’s a short train ride to Bath from London and I plan to do a lot of walking.  I’m sure I’ll see lots of flowers and gardens (I’ll take pictures to share).  Planning and daydreaming are part of the preparation for travel, and they are just as exciting as the trip itself!

20 thoughts on “Travel Time

  1. Have a safe trip , Meg. Bet Jo has already suggested say Hi to her peeps !! Can’t wait for the posts from the UK. You do know reading this post I heard you say “it’s Baaaahhhth”. ;o)

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  2. I agree with you about trip planning being a fun experience. It makes you look forward to the experience and once there you enjoy what you’ve read about and planned for.

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  3. Look forward to the pics. Someone suggested Melatonin about an hour before you want to sleep. Basically wait till you’re on the plane because of the shuffling, announcements, early conversations, and then within a little you’re ready. There’s much more and I can share that from a fellow traveler that traveled extensively overseas and shared with me. I’ll see if I have your personal email and send. Maybe you’ll find it useful. Brad

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