Scenes from the Chelsea Flower Show

I’ve just returned from a visit to England, where I spent last Thursday at the Chelsea Flower Show.  I got there early enough that I could see the gardens and Pavilion displays before it became crowded.  It was an extraordinary experience for someone who loves flowers and gardens (that’s me).  The weather was perfect with sunshine, blue sky and fluffy clouds.  Here are some views from the show – there will be many future posts because I took over 300 pictures!

Chelsea Flower Show

Some scenes from the show:

A quotation that I noticed in the Great Pavilion.

Chelsea Flower Show



30 thoughts on “Scenes from the Chelsea Flower Show

  1. Meg, how are you!? I’m so happy you were able to visit the Chelsea Flower Show while you were in London. Your photographs are fabulous, and my favorite is the shot you labeled “delightful” I believe that was by Harrods and won the silver medal. Oh how I wish I could have been there!!

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    • Hi Elisa! It was a fantastic experience and you’re right – that picture is the Harrod’s garden! It was so much fun watching the shrubs twirl and the flower boxes going up and down. You should go there sometime… :)


  2. How lovely that the weather was nice for your visit to the flower show…it had to be spectacular. Looking forward to more posts about your trip to London. Welcome home.

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  3. How wonderful…. I would so love to see this show but I am always in England for my birthday and leave before the show opens… oh well, I’ll have to see it vicariously through your beautiful photos!

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