At Home with Souvenirs

I have a drawer in my house where I keep travel souvenirs.  When I opened it to add my postcards, tickets and programs from the Chelsea Flower Show, I had trouble closing the drawer.  Could it be that all these wonderful souvenirs were turning into clutter?  I didn’t think so, and I recalled all the opportunities I had to find interesting things to bring home with me.

Still, when I saw how many things I’ve accumulated over my travels I decided that I could use some these souvenirs in a way that I could remember when and where I got them.  My first idea was to use a jewelry tree to hang some of my key chains to make something I’d enjoy:

Souvenir tree

I also have fridge magnets in this drawer that I can’t use because they don’t stick to the front of my refrigerator!  Then I remembered that I have a small message board that is magnetic.  It was fun arranging the magnets on it.

Magnetic souvenirs

Afterward there was a lot more room in my souvenir drawer and now I can look at these displays and remember all the fun experiences I had when I got them!  I should mention that I also consider scarves, jewelry and hand knit sweaters souvenirs and I wear them all the time.  But it was great to make a display of these souvenirs so they don’t simply become more clutter in the house.

30 thoughts on “At Home with Souvenirs

  1. Well done on your displays Meg :-) I tried to ignore the souvenir shops on our last trip but relented and now have a new selection of fridge magnets as well as a couple of new key rings. Hubby collects shirts, everywhere we go he buys at least one shirt and I have bought a few scarves on each trip. My favourite souvenirs are the experiences we have, moments captured on camera and then packed into a photobook…eventually.

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  2. It must have been a surprise to have all the magnets and then realize they don’t stick to the fridge! You handled the “crisis” beautifully. LOL! I’m a believer in keeping the souvenirs as visible as possible. Their purpose really is to resurrect warm memories, and I’m sure you have many of those. :-)

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