Welcome to Spring


It isn’t quite spring yet but it won’t be long now!  There have been some warm days recently and I’ve seen lots of cheery yellow daffodils in bloom, but because it is early March the days can be chilly.  Still, it’s only a few weeks until the beginning of spring and then we’ll be seeing this:

I’m going to England later this month and I’m looking forward to many new adventures.


23 thoughts on “Welcome to Spring

  1. I hope you’re right. We had more snow flurries this morning. It’s unheard of here (Vancouver Island) for early March.

  2. Living in Florida, we really don’t have much change in the seasons…one of the things I loved while living in New England. I know you are excited about your upcoming trip.

    • The weather here is relatively mild in the winter, but it’s cold enough! And thank you Karen – I’m really looking forward to going to England!

  3. Glorious today! I ambled through the park and even sat on a bench for a little while, admiring the flowers. Hope it lasts, Meg :) Whereabouts are you headed?

    • I’m going to London and Kent and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m very happy to hear that you’ve seen some flowers already Jo!

  4. Beautiful! I love all the spring blossoms, so pretty and colourful. We’re in Autumn now but it still feels like summer, it has been a long one.

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