Adventures and Blue Skies

The sky was a brilliant blue throughout my trip to Arizona and Utah.  When you add that to the sunshine it made a perfect backdrop to some unforgettable places.  Every day the mountains and canyons were even more remarkable because of the beautiful September weather.  Here is an example from Zion National Park:

Blue skies

Later that day the clouds disappeared.

Zion National Park

Here are some other scenes, including a friendly little bird at the Grand Canyon that posed for a picture for me.

You can revisit the past with this famous road and sign in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Route 66

More adventures coming soon!

16 thoughts on “Adventures and Blue Skies

  1. I live in AZ and about an hour or so away from Flagstaff. I’m so use to seeing these locations that sometimes I fail to recognize the beauty that consumes them.
    I just recently made it a point to go to the Grand Canyon to see what I’ve been missing the many years I haven’t gone. My friend and I started out in Williams, and came out through Sedona. It was such a beautiful trip and made me realize how much I take for granted in this beautiful state.

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