Simply Gelato

Over the years I’ve written many posts about gelato and Italy. Gelato is my favorite treat and one time I found a flavor in Parma called Parmigianino that was light and fluffy.  When I get gelato I try two flavors so I can sample something different with one of my favorites.  It’s part of the adventure to walk and enjoy the scenery with a refreshing gelato.  I wasn’t the only one either – I saw lots of people walking with their gelato cones and cups!


I decided to continue with this theme so here are some of the signs I saw.  These pictures make me want to go back to Italy – hopefully soon!

2 thoughts on “Simply Gelato

  1. You’ve made me so hungry, Meg! I love gelato, as well, but I’ve never had it in Italy, so my American version may not compare. :-) I am sure you’re very eager for your travels to once again open up, and I do hope Italy will be open to you soon. For avid travelers, I’m aware this past year and half has been especially frustrating. Fingers crossed!

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