Views of Prince Edward Island

When I visited Prince Edward Island I was interested in seeing all the places that I remembered from reading the Anne of Green Gables series. But I also wanted to see the island and find out if it was as beautiful as I thought it might be.  It turned out to be one of the most memorable places I’ve seen!  There were charming lighthouses and red cliffs and I enjoyed visiting Charlottetown and learning the history of Prince Edward Island. There were also lovely scenes like this away from the towns.

Prince Edward Island

Although it was summer I needed a light jacket more than once, especially in the evening…

Prince Edward Island

Here’s another post I wrote about this charming place: Simply Prince Edward Island.

Travel theme: Edge

When I visited Prince Edward Island I quickly became aware of the cliffs along the shore.  Some of them were steeper than others but I thought that they were rugged, impressive and unforgettable.  There were sidewalks and railings to keep people from walking too close to the edge.  I took my pictures from a safe distance and these are some of my favorite scenes.

Prince Edward Island

You can see the guard rail in the distance.

Prince Edward Island

This was at the end of a dirt road.

Prince Edward Island

There are more examples here.

Here and There

It was three years ago this month that I started Meg Travels.  My very first post was about Venice, which has been one of the places I’ve written a lot about ever since!  As I look back I think that there are so many aspects of travel that are part of the overall experience, such as planning, getting lost, finding souvenirs, wondering what to do with the souvenirs when you get home, shopping, and many other details.  I still wonder if it will rain, but I’ve found that a place can be just as beautiful under cloudy or rainy skies.  I just try to keep an umbrella handy – or a poncho.  Either one works fine.

I think that walking is an excellent way to see a place too.  And when possible, stop at a gelato shop for a delicious treat as you walk.  Here are pictures from some of my rainy, sunny, chilly, warm and mostly wonderful travel adventures from over the past three years.  There’s more to come too.


After all, travel is both inspiring and fun!


Travel theme: Still

When I think of this theme I remember my visit to Prince Edward Island, Canada.  During the time I was there (it was summer) the water was often calm and still.  Here are some of my favorite scenes from that trip.


Travel theme: Ripples

Prince Edward Island provides a variety of water views and I took a lot of pictures when I was there.  As I looked at these photos from my trip I noticed that in addition to the water there were several other examples of ripples.  Take a look.

The water and cliffs:

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Tall grass in the wind:

Prince Edward Island

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lines

It was a cloudy day when I visited this lighthouse on the coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada.  I climbed the stairs to the top for a view of the beach below.  From the ground there was a boardwalk leading to the water.  These pictures reminded me of this week’s theme.

lighthouselighthouse viewPrince Edward Islandboardwalk

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

For the theme of home I thought of a place from a book I read a long time ago.  It was the main reason I had always dreamed of visiting Prince Edward Island.  So when I went there the first place I wanted to go was to Green Gables, home of Anne Shirley, Marilla and Matthew.  Along the way I even saw a road sign that featured Green Gables.

Green Gableshome

These flowers from Prince Edward Island are a reminder that spring will be here soon…