Travel theme: Peaceful

When I was in Paris I went to the Jardin des Tuileries early on a Sunday afternoon.  There weren’t many people there and it was easy to find a place to sit.  I could choose from a reclining chair or a bench.  There were lovely views in all directions and it was very peaceful.

Some seating choices:


The views:



Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

I was in Paris earlier this week.  One afternoon I walked through the Jardin des Tuileries toward the Place de la Concorde looking for the bookstore where I had bought a copy of Madeleine the last time I was there.  I was happy when I saw this sign and went inside to look for another book to buy and take home.


Souvenirs from France

I’m getting ready to go to France next month and I decided to look through some of my souvenirs from earlier visits there.  When I go this time I’ll mainly be in Provence which will be new to me.   My idea of souvenirs include postcards, maps and museum guides.  In addition I have quite a collection of scarves and purses (among other things) from France that I still have at home.  But I also consider photographs to be souvenirs because they are special to me and have wonderful memories.  These are some of my keepsakes from France.

Here I’ve included a few pictures I took in Paris that are my idea of postcards.  They are now among my favorite souvenirs.

This is from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.


A street sign.


And here is a landmark that needs no caption.


Checklist for France


I’ll be traveling to France in late May so it is time for planning and research.  I have a stack of books from the library and I’m looking at travel websites.  Although I have been to Paris and northwest France, this will be my first visit to Provence and I’m really looking forward to going there.  I’ll be in Avignon and Aix-en-Provence and I know there’s a lot to see.  After that I’ll go to Paris by train.  As I prepare for this trip I’m making a travel list which includes the following: Continue reading

Travel Confessions

This is part of a series on Travel Confessions.  My nomination was from Renee at cravesadventure and you should go to her blog and read her travel confessions too!

There are a few rules in the Travel Confessions series:

  • Post a photo (or photos) and description(s) of your confession(s) in a new post.
  • Tweet your post with hashtag #TravelConfession and follow/tweet @Traveling9to5
  • Tag 3 other travelers you’d love to see

My list is all about souvenirs.  Some are useful, some are decorative, and some never make it home at all (chocolate).

Confession 1:  I still bring home refrigerator magnets when I travel.  I already have a big collection, but they’re cute, inexpensive and easy to pack.  And when they’re on my refrigerator I get to reminisce about where I got them.  Here are some of my favorites.


Confession 2:  Shoes, handbags, jewelry and scarves are my idea of great souvenirs.  When someone admires one of these items I like to say, “I got this in Italy.”  Then I try to stop talking because otherwise I’ll describe the day, time and place where I purchased it.  But I always remember…

Confession 2 1/2:  This relates to Confession 2.  After my first trip to Florence I found myself with three handbags, two pairs of shoes and many scarves.  I barely had room for these in my suitcase and I finally had to leave the shoeboxes behind.


Confession 3:  Chocolate is a delicious souvenir, and sadly one that never lasts long because I eat it immediately.  Here’s an example:  I bought chocolate at the Rome airport that I ate before I boarded the plane.  However I still have the empty box.


Now I will nominate three bloggers to share their travel confessions:

the travelbunny

East of Málaga


I’m looking forward to hearing your stories!

Travel and Time Zones

I start to think about the change in time zones when I board my flight. That’s when I adjust my watch to the time of the place I’m going.  At first I don’t really pay attention to it and do things like eat the dinner provided by the airline several hours into the flight.  After that I end up watching as many movies as possible with breaks to stand up, walk, and drink water.  For me the time change doesn’t become real until the plane lands.


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My Favorite Travel Collections

When I travel I know there’s a limited amount of space for bringing home keepsakes.  Whatever fits into a suitcase beyond what I brought with me is what I have to work with.  Oh, and my oversized purse and a tote bag.  And other bags from things I bought at the airport.  So there are lots of opportunities to bring home souvenirs and other important items such as chocolate.  But I already know that chocolate won’t make it through the plane trip, much less all the way home.


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Paris 101

A trip to France seemed inevitable from the time I started learning French in elementary school.  My teacher, Mme. Oiseau, was from France and we sang a lot of nursery rhymes and rounds that year.  “Sur le pont d’ Avignon…”   Did I know what the words meant?  Yes, believe it or not.  As the years went on, I learned other useful information such as a verb tense that is only used in writing.  Such was my classroom experience.

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