A Lake Maggiore Walk

During my visit to Italy last May I took an afternoon walk one day in Baveno along Lake Maggiore.  When I look at these pictures now I can see that it wasn’t a sunny day, but I didn’t notice it at the time.  This is probably because the views of the lake and mountains were so compelling the cloudy skies didn’t matter.  There weren’t too many people around that day so I could focus on the scenery.  I also remember seeing the flowers beginning to bloom on the hydrangeas.  Just as I thought it would be nice to have a treat I found a gelato shop.  This was an important part of the walk too.

Lake Maggiore

What I saw along the way.

It was a charming walk.

Lake Maggiore


A Sunrise from Lake Maggiore

On my final morning in Italy last May I stepped out on my hotel balcony in Baveno to see this sunrise.  I took many pictures of what I saw but I’ll always remember this scene until I return to Italy, and the sooner the better!


The sun…


Window Views

Windows can be an interesting part of a building both from the outside and the inside.  When I travel I like to look for windows that are unique in some way.  I always notice flowers that adorn a window, or there may simply be laundry hanging to dry.



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