The Perfect Guide Book

I’ve been doing some planning for a trip to Italy in May.  Things are going great, and I’m now checking guide books for information.  And here’s where I have some suggestions for the researchers of these books for things that I really want to know, such as:

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Capri from a Chair Lift

Arriving in Capri from mainland Sorrento on a boat provided my first view of the island.  Given that it was a hot day in late spring, I went straight for a spot in the shade to admire my surroundings.  To get to Anacapri, I took an open air bus up the side of a cliff where I tried not to look down.  Looking straight across instead made it easier for me to enjoy the view without becoming alarmed.


After wandering in and out of cafes and shops, I had the opportunity to go on a chair lift to the top of the island.  I was a little uncertain about this, because I thought the view was good from where I was standing.  However, when I saw the actual chair lifts, I felt simultaneously nervous and intrigued.  This was because the chair was made of wooden slats, there was a flimsy safety bar and the whole thing was hanging from a rather thin metal pole.  In my mind I mulled over these questions:  Should I do this?  Would I regret it if I didn’t?  Who would know if I did this anyway? Continue reading