Travel theme: Above

After walking up a series of steep roads to St. George’s Castle in Lisbon I could see and admire these springtime views of the city.  Sometimes a challenging walk is worth it!  As I looked around there were dramatic changes in the scenery, from rooftops to a bridge and then the water.

This arch provided an interesting way to frame the city below.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

There were lots of examples of patterns in Lisbon, Portugal.  First I noticed this building with colorful tiles, and as I was walking I saw a pattern in the sidewalk.  Although different they were both very interesting.


I also noticed the pattern on a rooftop (and the brick wall) when I was looking out on the city from St. George’s Castle.


My Favorite Travel Collections

When I travel I know there’s a limited amount of space for bringing home keepsakes.  Whatever fits into a suitcase beyond what I brought with me is what I have to work with.  Oh, and my oversized purse and a tote bag.  And other bags from things I bought at the airport.  So there are lots of opportunities to bring home souvenirs and other important items such as chocolate.  But I already know that chocolate won’t make it through the plane trip, much less all the way home.


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Delicious Desserts

Right away you can see that it is unnecessary to say “delicious” to describe desserts.  You shouldn’t even bother with a dessert if it isn’t tasty.  Thankfully, I can say I have had my share of memorable desserts, or sweets, during my travels.

For instance, when I was in the Grand Place in Brussels, I went straight to an outdoor booth to have a Belgian waffle.  They were being made as you waited, and it was definitely worth it. Surprisingly I had a plain waffle that was dusted with sugar.  It was so good that I could only wait a (somewhat) reasonable interval to go back for another one.  I should have bought more than one and pretended they were for other people.  Oh well, next time…

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