Travel theme: Arches

These pictures of arches are from around the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.  The actual reason that I took some of them was to remind me of which way I entered the plaza so that I wouldn’t get lost!  Many times when I travel I become so interested in seeing everything that I forget to notice which way I walked to get there.  To keep from getting lost I’ll take pictures of street corners, pedestrian signs and unique buildings or landmarks so I can retrace my steps later.  It works quite well and I end up with some interesting pictures of subjects other than the expected ones.  I also took some of these pictures simply because I liked them and they are not just reminders of where I had walked.

This is one of my souvenir pictures from Madrid.



You can find more arches here.


One of my favorite things about traveling is looking for signs while I’m walking.  When they are directional signs they can be very useful because as a visitor I’ve noticed that it isn’t always clear how to get to a place.  I also appreciate signs for food and treats, especially gelato.  When I was in Madrid I thought that the ceramic tile street signs were very decorative.  Later I saw replicas of these signs for sale as souvenirs at gift shops.  There were a variety of signs that I remember from Madrid and here are some of them.

Signs and their reflections can also be seen.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

It was an afternoon in May when I was taking a walk where I saw the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.  The weather was changing from rain to sunshine and some blue sky was beginning to show.  I noticed a glass domed metro entrance and these reflections.  This is what I saw.

MadridYou can see more reflections here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

I was in Spain this spring and while walking across the Puerta del Sol in Madrid I passed a metro entrance covered by a glass dome.  There were reflections of the surrounding buildings that I really liked.  Although it looks stormy the clouds were actually thinning out and blue sky was visible.


Later I noticed that my red camera is in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. Although it was unexpected I think that it makes a nice souvenir showing I was really there!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow



I was so busy walking and looking at the sights of Madrid that I didn’t notice it was lunchtime.  There were lots of food choices and eventually I decided get a gelato.  Once I had made my selection it was carefully placed in the holder.  Dessert before lunch is a good idea.

Here are more examples.

Signs to Follow in Madrid

I like to take pictures of signs wherever I go.  Sometimes I use them as a way to retrace my steps so I won’t get lost.  Other times they are charming or unique.  I must have been hungry when I took these pictures because there are several food signs.  I was trying to decide between lunch or dessert.  That’s when I saw the sign for a gelato shop.

There are signs on this building too.