7×7 Link Award

I have to say that I like receiving blogging awards!  It provides a little break from writing about traveling (not that I actually need one).  But this is a fun award and I’ll give it a try…  I was nominated for this award by Cloud of Lace, a lovely new blog that I have enjoyed following.  It covers topics like food and fashion, so be sure to have a look for yourself!

For the 7×7 Link Award, the recipient must provide links to their own posts within the following 7 categories and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers.


The seven posts:

 And here are the seven nominees:

  1. Lorna’s Tearoom Delights
  2. Darlene Foster’s Blog
  3. Francine in Retirement
  4. restlessjo
  5. Marcia Clarke-La Chica Writes
  6. Teresa Blackburn’s “Food on Fifth” Blog
  7. photos from the loonybin

If you have received this award or don’t care to pass it on, that’s fine.  I just wanted to recognize your blogs anyway!

I’ll notify you soon, and enjoy your award!  Meg