ABC Award

With many thanks to Alyson of the Thought Palette, I have been given the Awesome Blog Content award.  It is really exciting to receive a blogging award, so thank you very much!

To find out more about the idea behind the ABC award, go to Alyson’s delightful, informative blog  the Thought Palette.  You will be entertained and inspired when you do!  And you should also have a look at her blog about her life in Portugal, the Algarve Blog.

As part of accepting this award:

Add the ABC award logo to your blog; share something about yourself, such as your interests and places you like using the letters of the alphabet; then pass the award on to other bloggers.

Here’s my list of things about myself in alphabetical order:

A  adventures B  books
C  castles D  desserts
E  energetic F  France
G  gelato H  holidays
I   Italy J  journeys
K  keepsakes L  Lexington
M  Milan N  New Orleans
O  Oxford P  plucky
Q  questions R  reminisce
S  souvenirs T  traveler
U  University of Michigan V  Versailles
W Williamsburg X  exuberant
Y  York Z  Zermatt

And now I would like to pass this award on to some blogs that I enjoy:

Marcia Clarke-La Chica Writes

Karen in Honolulu


Every Book and Cranny

Undercover Surfer

Enjoy the award everyone, and thank you again Alyson!