A Travel List

I spend quite a bit of time traveling during the year, and when I’m at home I like to think about places to go next.  Besides planning for specific trips I make lists of important things to keep in mind.  These are the some of the considerations.

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Airport Shops in Rome

Just when you thought you’d bought enough souvenirs from a trip to Italy, there’s one more opportunity at the airport shops.  Here are all the designers you somehow missed in Florence or Milan, as well as duty-free shops for things like candy or perfume. And since you’ve checked your luggage, why not get a few more keepsakes to carry on the plane?  What’s surprising is that I couldn’t find anywhere to buy one last gelato (and I really looked).

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Passing the Time at the Airport

Many of my trips involve travel by airplane, and sometimes I have connecting flights.  This leads to quite a bit of time spent in airport terminals.  I know I should just go the gate and find a place to sit.  But here’s what actually happens.

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