Travel theme: Stone

I have just returned from a trip that included a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.  There weren’t many people around so I enjoyed a peaceful morning walk.  Everywhere I looked there were stones both in and out of the water.  Here is some of what I saw.


These almost look like steps.


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Travel theme: Pale

It was during the autumn that I was on a Rhine River cruise.  The weather was still warm and I only needed a light jacket.  Late in the afternoon the sky started to fade to evening and the scenery changed, becoming more pale.  Here are some of my pictures from that day.

Late afternoon…

Rhine River

Mountain Views in Autumn

While I was in North Carolina I wanted to find out more about the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.  It was an easy drive from North Carolina and the people at the local information center were very helpful.  They pointed out on a map where there were good places to see the mountains.  On their recommendation I drove to the Foothills Parkway where there were observation points along the road to park the car and admire the view.  Each time I stopped at one of these areas I took many pictures of the mountains.  Here are some of them.


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Picking Apples in North Carolina

On a sunny afternoon last week I went to an orchard near Hendersonville, North Carolina to pick apples.  The scenery was delightful and I spent as much time taking pictures and admiring the view as I did collecting apples.  It was near the end of the season so there were very few trees that had apples on them.  My choice was a variety called Pink Lady apples, which were still plentiful and ready to be picked.  So basket in hand I started down the hill (a very steep one) in search of these trees.

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