Greetings from Maine

After my trip I decided that July is a great time to visit Maine.  While I was there it was hot during the day but in the evening a breeze from the ocean made it much cooler.  Lots of people were at the beach and there was plenty of room for everyone’s chairs, blankets and umbrellas (at least before high tide).  I heard people say that the water was slightly warmer than usual.  During the afternoon when the sun was so bright I visited the local lighthouse and then went into town to shop and stay indoors for a while.  Here are some of the places I saw.


An early bird at sunrise.

MaineThe start of a new day.

Travel theme: Tilted

I’ve been enjoying my time at the beach in Maine.  I happened to notice a sign for ice cream when I was on an evening walk.  This is a treat I always enjoy so I stopped for a small (or it might have been a medium) cone.


As I continued to walk I saw a street sign that was also tilted.  I liked the name and thought it was just right for the area.


When I looked beyond the street there was the ocean.  It is quite a pleasant view at sunset, especially when you’re eating ice cream.


Things I Might Forget to Pack

I just got out a suitcase for a trip to Maine.  Since it is only for one week it should be simple to pack.  But the suitcase is empty and I’m staring at it and wondering what to bring.  I think I might want to bring a jacket because I’ll be at the beach and it could cool off in the evening.  A sweater could also work.  Maybe both?


The one thing I try to remember is that I can always buy anything I forget later.  Because of that I now have a tube of toothpaste from Italy, a comb from Prague, and pads of paper from France.  These are different from my usual souvenirs (refrigerator magnets and postcards).  I don’t bring food or sweets because I know I’ll get them wherever I’m going.  I look forward to finding chocolate, gelato and other treats while I travel.  They never make it home either.

So now I’ll start packing and if I forget something I’ll just have to buy it later.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lines

It was a cloudy day when I visited this lighthouse on the coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada.  I climbed the stairs to the top for a view of the beach below.  From the ground there was a boardwalk leading to the water.  These pictures reminded me of this week’s theme.

lighthouselighthouse viewPrince Edward Islandboardwalk

Simply Prince Edward Island

This is a place I’d dreamed about ever since reading the Anne of Green Gables stories, and I was so happy to have the chance to visit!   It was quite easy to get around, whether by car, bicycle or on foot.  And the best part was that I had enough time to thoroughly explore the island.  Here’s some of what I saw.

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Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor

It’s common to grow up in a place and not see many of the things that visitors make a point of seeing.  I’m saying this because I grew up in the Boston area, and my only trips to Maine were to Kittery and York, towns near Maine’s southern border.  I had also been to Freeport once to shop at the L.L. Bean store.  So I thought it was a good idea to visit to Maine this past July to see Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor.

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