The Planning Begins Again

I don’t think it’s ever too early to plan for a trip.  There are so many ways to get information that it’s easy to do research and discover places to visit in the future.  Even the idea of going on a trip is so exciting that it’s a nice way to pass the time.  I’m thinking about another trip to Italy.  And now that I know there’s delicious gelato throughout the country, I can concentrate on what I’d like to see.  This time I’m going to consider some different places.


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Souvenir Bookmarks

I like to bring back souvenirs from my trips.  With this goal always in mind, I’ve started collecting bookmarks.  Some of the advantages of bookmarks are that they’re small, usually made of paper, and they weigh practically nothing.  And since I like to read books, these become souvenirs that I actually use.  This keeps them from ending up forgotten (well, semi-forgotten) in a shoebox.

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Planning 101

Well, I’ve just made a reservation for a trip to Italy this spring.  Now that the excitement of knowing that I’m going there has settled, it’s time to start the planning process.  This will involve some research so I can get the information I need before I start the trip.

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