CBBH Photo Challenge: Ancient and Modern

When I was in the south of France this spring I had the opportunity to see Carcassonne.  I noticed many contrasts between the old and the new while I was there.

Sightseeing and shopping are also a good combination of ancient and modern.


Be sure to check for more photos here.  My two recommended blogs for this month are zoetic * epics and On the Luce.

Handy Travel Tips

  • Expect to do a lot of walking while on a trip.  You will not find ramps, people movers, elevators, or escalators in 500 plus year old castles.
  • Don’t expect lots of ice in your drinks.  You may not get any ice unless you ask.  For example:  once I did ask, the waiter used tongs to put one ice cube in my drink.

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