On a visit to London last fall I saw many ways that words and phrases presented themselves.  There were signs, souvenir shirts and even one of my favorite landmarks that uses numbers instead of letters.  When I look at these pictures now some of them give the appearance that the weather was gloomy.  It was cloudy part of the time but it didn’t rain.  That made it so much easier to take these pictures!

Here it was cloudy but you could also see some blue sky.


For more pictures look here.

When It Was Cloudy

One afternoon in Cornwall it was very cloudy and looked like it might rain.  I thought it was a good opportunity to take some pictures in black and white.  I’ll always remember how lovely everything looked even under gray skies.

After a few hours it became much lighter.


Maybe later there would be a glimpse of blue sky…

Travel theme: Ripples

Prince Edward Island provides a variety of water views and I took a lot of pictures when I was there.  As I looked at these photos from my trip I noticed that in addition to the water there were several other examples of ripples.  Take a look.

The water and cliffs:

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Tall grass in the wind:

Prince Edward Island