Travel theme: Strong

I was walking down a side street in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, when I saw this gate.  The lock looked sturdy, old, and strong.  Not only was there a lock but also a chain.  I wondered how old it was or if it even worked anymore.  Maybe a large, ornate metal key would open it.


I realized that seeing this lock also had a strong impact on my imagination!

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Postcards from Williamsburg

A few weeks ago I drove to Colonial Williamsburg for the afternoon.  This is the first place I’ve visited since moving to Virginia last month.  The weather was perfect and warm enough that I was carrying my coat as I walked.  This was a very unusual thing for me to do in January!  As I walked around I decided to take some pictures as souvenirs of a mild winter day in a historic area.  Right now it seems more like winter to me.  However it should warm up in a few days and then I’ll have to go on more adventures.

It was wonderful to see these bright colors.