Travel theme: Colourful

After all the cold weather from last week most of the leaves have fallen.  It has been a lot of work raking but after such a lovely autumn it was worth it.  I’ve even thought about jumping into the piles of leaves!  Just before the weather changed I took some final pictures to remind me of how pretty autumn colors are.  Here are some of my souvenir pictures from the last couple of weeks.

There are still pumpkins for sale at a roadside stand.  They are so cheerful.


Now it is time to look forward to the holidays.  Happy Thanksgiving!

autumnThere are more colorful pictures here.

CBBH Photo Challenge: Multi-Coloured

The houses are really interesting in Burano, Italy.  I thought these pictures showed a variety of colors and under a blue sky they’re quite cheerful.




My two recommended blogs for this month are Denobears and Two Black Dogs.  I think you’ll really enjoy them!