I like to find unusual walls when I travel just as much as I enjoy looking for interesting doors.  I particularly liked this wall that was between a walking path and the water in St Ives.  It had been raining that afternoon and everything looked fresh and green.  I thought that the wildflowers and vines growing in and around the wall were charming.  Later on I realized that I’d taken as many pictures of the wall as I did of the beach.  This shows where it began.

St Ives

Here are some details of the wall.

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Travel theme: Orange

When I’m at the beach at sunset the sky changes dramatically as the evening progresses.  Depending on where you look the sky could be changing color or it might still look like daytime.  One evening I decided to watch the entire sunset from a bluff overlooking this bay in Cornwall.  The color of the sky changed from blue to orange to even deeper orange.  The next evening it rained so I didn’t have another opportunity to take pictures of this scene.  Here are some different ways of seeing the color orange at sunset.

An early view from a seating area:


A little later:


And then…


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Work of Art

When I was in Cornwall last September the weather ranged from sun to rain and back again over several days.  On one of the misty afternoons I was on a walk enjoying the view and taking some pictures.  When I looked at this particular one later it reminded me more a watercolor painting than a photograph.  It is now among my favorite memories of St Ives.


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Travel theme: Sky

When I was in Cornwall in September I wanted to get lots of pictures of the sky at sunset.  This is one from the first evening:


The next day was cloudy and it got dark very early.  The following day was also cloudy but it cleared up in time for this sunset:


Then I wondered what the sky might look like in black and white:


It was nice to add these souvenir pictures to my collection.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

When I was in Cornwall I took these pictures in black and white.  I thought that they looked quite mysterious…

And then there was a sign leading to more mystery.


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Ice Cream and Cream Tea

I have a tradition of looking for ice cream when I travel and this continued when I was in Cornwall.  I also decided to try a cream tea.  With the idea of cream in mind I discovered other treats that contained clotted cream such as fudge and shortbread.


It was easy finding all the places I was looking for because of the strategic placement of the signs.  There were lots of possibilities and it was difficult to decide where to go but after a good walk it was time to choose.  The place that I went for cream tea was very good and I used all the clotted cream and jam on my scone.  Soon after the tea it was time for an ice cream cone.  After sampling several flavors on tiny spoons I chose vanilla with clotted cream fudge and it was delicious.  I should have taken a photo as a souvenir but of course I couldn’t wait to try it.

One of the best things about ice cream is that it is simple to walk around or find a bench outdoors and enjoy a view like this.


When It Was Cloudy

One afternoon in Cornwall it was very cloudy and looked like it might rain.  I thought it was a good opportunity to take some pictures in black and white.  I’ll always remember how lovely everything looked even under gray skies.

After a few hours it became much lighter.


Maybe later there would be a glimpse of blue sky…

Flowers in Cornwall

The flowers that I saw in Cornwall were really memorable.  They were outside of train stations, hanging in baskets in front of shops and in gardens.

I liked these dainty looking flowers growing from a wall.


This sign is interesting because I hadn’t thought about sitting on the planter.


There were flowers that adorned the walls and windows of buildings.


Why try to climb the stairs when you can simply admire this view?


Greetings from Cornwall


Hello again!  I’m having a wonderful time in Cornwall and I thought it was time to send some postcards.  The weather has been sunny, rainy, windy, sunny again, cloudy – and that can be repeated hourly.  I thought it might be like this so I’ve been dressing in layers and it is working out just fine.  Here are some of the places that I’ve seen so far.

Everywhere I look I see something charming.