When I was taking a walk through the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris I enjoyed seeing groups of green chairs scattered throughout the park.  I liked the arrangement of chairs here because they seemed so casual and friendly, and they were quite comfortable too.  When I look at this picture I notice that the middle chair is between two other chairs.  It is also between the bench and the lawn.  Then I noticed something else.  If you look in the upper left hand corner you will see the Eiffel Tower between some trees.  It looks like Paris in May provides lots of scenes that fit this theme.


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When I was in Paris I saw the Eiffel Tower from many points around the city.  I started to watch for all the different places I could catch glimpses of this monument from parks and streets and at different times of the day.  Here are some of my impressions.

I saw this early in the morning.

Eiffel Tower

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

When I was in Paris this spring I enjoyed my walk in the Jardin des Tuileries.  I noticed this group of chairs in front a fountain and they looked very cheerful and friendly.  As I prepared to take a picture of them I looked up and saw the obelisk from the Place de la Concorde on the right and the Eiffel Tower to the left.  Surprisingly (at least to me) the famous landmarks were not the focus of this picture.  I really liked those chairs.


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Souvenirs from France

I’m getting ready to go to France next month and I decided to look through some of my souvenirs from earlier visits there.  When I go this time I’ll mainly be in Provence which will be new to me.   My idea of souvenirs include postcards, maps and museum guides.  In addition I have quite a collection of scarves and purses (among other things) from France that I still have at home.  But I also consider photographs to be souvenirs because they are special to me and have wonderful memories.  These are some of my keepsakes from France.

Here I’ve included a few pictures I took in Paris that are my idea of postcards.  They are now among my favorite souvenirs.

This is from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.


A street sign.


And here is a landmark that needs no caption.


The Day I Dropped My New Camera

It was a pleasant spring day in the Brittany region of France.  I strolled along taking pictures of the buildings, which were very appealing.  I had a new camera I’d bought only two weeks before the trip so I could take crisp, clear pictures.  I’d get the camera out of its case, take pictures and carefully put it back in the case.  As I looked around I saw a carousel.  I’d noticed carousels in other towns and villages but hadn’t taken any pictures of them.   This seemed like the perfect opportunity so I pulled the camera out of its case.  And then it happened.  The camera dropped out of my hand and landed on the cobblestone street.  It didn’t just hit the ground – it bounced several times as I stood there unable to keep it from happening.

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