More about Souvenirs

I’ve been thinking about souvenirs and how to stop bringing so many back from trips. I have decided that the following are even better than souvenirs because they don’t last (at least for me) and therefore won’t require packing!


Fruit from markets:

And of course gelato!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

One of the most interesting places I visited in Barcelona was La Boqueria.  The displays of fruits and vegetables were very appealing and many were in layers.  I had a difficult time deciding what to buy.


A Market in Barcelona

I had heard of La Boqueria before going to Barcelona so I noticed the entrance sign while walking along La Rambla.  There were people everywhere buying – and selling – vegetables, fruit, candy, and other interesting items.  The next afternoon I went there again and when it was time to close vendors began reducing the prices.  I ended up with a coconut drink (like a smoothie) and a container of watermelon with a tiny fork for half the regular price.  I continued to look around and these were some of the colorful sights.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

My recent visit to Pike Place Market in Seattle provided a great opportunity to see lots of different colors.  Fresh fruits and vegetables were a welcome sight during a long winter.  Here are some of the colors of the market displays.

For a contrast, I took two pictures of the same scene – one in black and white and one in color.

Pike Place MarketPike Place Market

A Visit to Pike Place Market

There may still be snow on the ground but spring will arrive next month.  So although it is winter, warmer weather is on the way.   Here are some pictures that I took of flowers, fruits and vegetables from Pike Place Market in Seattle when I visited there recently.  It was wonderful to see these bright colors!


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